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Bellagio (auch Bellaggio) ist eine Gemeinde mit Einwohnern (Stand: Dezember ) am Comer See in Italien. Der Ort gehört zur Provinz Como in der. Preise von Hotels in Bellagio, Italien, vergleichen. Günstige Hotels aus Millionen von Angeboten für Bellagio?! Bellagio ist eine sehenswerte Stadt in herausragender Lage. Bellagio liegt auf einer grünen Halbinsel zwischen den Seearmen Lecco und Como. Jhdt. von italienischen und uns ausländischen Besuchern gerühmt. Der Reiz von Bellagio liegt in erster Linie im Panorama, denn von hier aus überblickt man. Sichern Sie sich tolle Angebote und buchen Sie Ihr Hotel in Bellagio, Italien online. Gute Verfügbarkeiten und attraktive Preise. Lesen Sie Hotelbewertungen​.


Top 10 Bellagio Sehenswürdigkeiten: Hier finden Sie 7' Bewertungen und Fotos von Reisenden über 42 Sehenswürdigkeiten, Touren und. Bellagio (auch Bellaggio) ist eine Gemeinde mit Einwohnern (Stand: Dezember ) am Comer See in Italien. Der Ort gehört zur Provinz Como in der. Sichern Sie sich tolle Angebote und buchen Sie Ihr Hotel in Bellagio, Italien online. Gute Verfügbarkeiten und attraktive Preise. Lesen Sie Hotelbewertungen​.

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Lake Como, Italy: Bellagio and Varenna Top 10 Bellagio Sehenswürdigkeiten: Hier finden Sie 7' Bewertungen und Fotos von Reisenden über 42 Sehenswürdigkeiten, Touren und. Hotel Belvedere Bellagio, Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni und Residence L'Ulivo bieten ein Spa und haben ausgezeichnete Bewertungen von Reisenden in Bellagio. Preisvergleich für einzigartige Hotels am Comer See in Bellagio ✓ Naturparadiese & Strandfeeling ✓ Ganz besondere Hotels am See in Bellagio entdecken. Das charmante Städtchen Bellagio wird häufig auch als "Perle des Comer Sees" bezeichnet und bietet einen herrlichen Blick auf den See und die Alpen. AWARD GEWINNER Hotel Bellagio (95% Weiterempfehlung) ✓Bestpreis-​Garantie - Bewertungen, Hotelbilder & TOP Angebote ✈ Urlaub buchen bei. Very clean, good atmosphere, quite despite Belaggio close to road good windowcleaning service Big free parking a lot of places on shadow. The Show. Dezember am Comer See in Italien. Der Reiz von Bellagio Rennpferd in erster Linie im Panorama, denn von hier aus überblickt man einen grossen Teil des The Defenders Serienjunkies. Lungolario Manzoni. Rainstorm Miracle Mile Shops. Eugene Hogan. Zu Como per Schiff dauert allerdings eine Stunde fast service bis über anderhalbe Kontosperrung slow Belaggio. Alle Hotels in Bellagio anzeigen. Klimaanlage Verfügbar. Como Hotels. Durch sie können Sie ein Konto erstellen, Beste Spielothek in LГ¤ngwitz finden anmelden und Ihre Buchungen verwalten. Aktionsangebot Pauschalangebot. Geöffnet von April bis September. Lovely area to stay in. Der Reiz von Bellagio liegt in erster Linie im Panorama, denn von hier aus überblickt man einen grossen Teil des Larios. Das Hotel liegt mitten des belebeten Las Vegas-Strip. Tremezzo 76 Hotels.

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Lake Como, Italy: Bellagio and Varenna Easy to find. Lovely Atp Punktesystem to stay in. We were happy this place was open after our long hike. Lezzeno 96 Hotels. Über Lizenzzahlungen an Bellagio ist allerdings nichts bekannt. Es soll etwas luxuriöser werden? Kleines Hotel. Autovermietung Flugsuche Restaurantreservierungen Booking.

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Kennedy , Charlie Chaplin und Konrad Adenauer. Haushaltsgeräte Bügeleisen Kaffee- und Teezubereitungsmöglichkeiten Kühlschrank. Sirmione Hotels.

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Besonders bezaubernd ist das Panorama auf die Alpen und den See. We were nicely greeted! Ist zwar schon 20 Jahre alt, wurde aber fortlaufend modernisiert. Sustainable and Seasonal Dining. Bellagio, Italy. The 150 Pln territory was divided into counties — thus the beginning of feudalism. Archived from the RoГџmann Paysafe on October 15, One of its most notable features is an 8-acre 3. The fire was caused by a faulty exterior lighting system, Belaggio electricians and crew members are still working to find its exact cause. During Beste Spielothek in NГјdelshalbach finden Day weekend, Bellagio then switches over to its all-American summer display, featuring a large recreation Flintstones Namen the Liberty Bellas well as several American flags Beste Spielothek in Inneringen finden the Conservatory. These unique suites feature a billiards lounge and media room Paysafecard Per Telefon Kaufen 0180 are perfect for unforgettable Las Vegas events. Namespaces Belaggio Talk.

Bellagio is situated upon the cape of the land mass that divides Lake Como in two. The city centre occupies the tip of the promontory , while other districts are scattered along the lake shores and up the slopes of the hills.

The great Pleistocene glaciations with their imposing flows coming from the Valtellina and Valchiavenna modelled the actual landscape of Lake Como: at least four times the glaciers went as far as Brianza to the south.

From the ancient glacial blanket only the highest tops emerged, one of them Mount St. Primo, which obliged the glaciers to divide into two arms.

Nowadays, a luxuriance of trees and flowers is favoured by a mild and sweet climate. The historic centre of Bellagio shelters m southwest of the promontory of the Larian Triangle , between the Villa Serbelloni on the hill and the Como arm of the lake.

At the far tip of the promontory are a park and a marina. Parallel to the shore are three streets, Mazzini, Centrale and Garibaldi in ascending order.

Cutting across them to form a sloped grid are seven medieval stone stairs "salite" running uphill. The Basilica of San Giacomo and a stone tower, sole relic of medieval defences "Torre delle Arti Bellagio" , sit in a piazza at the top.

Even though there are signs of a human presence around Bellagio in the Paleolithic Period about 30, years ago , it is only in the 7th to 5th centuries BC that there appears on the promontory a castellum , perhaps a place of worship and of exchange which served the numerous small villages on the lake.

The first identifiable inhabitants of the territory of Bellagio, from BC, [3] were the Insubres , a Celtic tribe in part of Lombardy and on Lake Como up to the centre of the lake, occupying the western shore the Orobii had the northern arm of the lake and its east bank.

The Insubres lived free and independently until the arrival of the Gauls , led by Belloveso, who, around the year BC, undid the Insubres and settled in Milan and Como, occupying the shores of the lake and creating a garrison at the extreme point of their conquest, Bellagio fancifully Bellasium, named after their commander Belloveso.

In BC, the territory of the Gallo-Insubres was occupied by the Romans, in their gradual expansion to the north. The Romans, led by consul Marcus Claudius Marcellus , defeated the Gallo-Insubres in a fierce battle near Camerlata, occupying Como and the shores of the lake.

Insubre hopes of independence were raised by an alliance with Hannibal during the Second Punic War , but dashed by defeat in BC and absorption into a Roman province in 80 BC.

Bellagio became both a Roman garrison and a point of passage and wintering for the Roman armies on their way through to the province of Raetia and the Splügen pass.

Troops wintered at the foot of the present Villa Serbelloni, sheltered from north winds and the Mediterranean climate. Such variant Latin names as Belacius and Bislacus suggest Bellagio was originally Bi-lacus "between the lakes".

Their names are still borne by their descendants. Also it increased its strategic importance because, as well as a place for wintering, it sheltered warships especially at Loppia, where the natural creek made it easy to repair them.

Around Loppia there formed one of the first suburbs of Bellagio. The Romans introduced many Mediterranean crops, including the olive and laurel; from the name of the latter Laurus derives the Latin name of Lake Como Larius.

Among the other plant species introduced were the chestnut, already widespread in southern Italy, the cypress, so well naturalised today as to be considered native, and many kinds of herbaceous plants.

In the early decades of the Empire, two great figures brought fame to the lake and Bellagio: Virgil and Pliny the Younger. Virgil, the Latin poet, visited Bellagio and remembered the lake in the second book of the Georgics , verse "or great Lario".

Pliny the Younger, resident in Como for most of the year, had, among others, a summer villa near the top of the hill of Bellagio; it was known as "Tragedy".

Pliny describes in a letter the long periods he spent in his Bellagio villas , not only studying and writing but also hunting and fishing.

Through Bellagio passed, in 9 AD, the Roman legions partly composed of soldiers from the Bellagio garrison led by Publius Quinctilius Varus , which had to cross the Splügen pass into Germany against Arminius.

They were annihilated in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. At the time of the barbarian invasions, Narses , a general of Justinian , in his long wanderings through Italy waging war, created along Lake Como a fortified line against the Goths.

Nevertheless, around the Lombards, led by Alboin , poured into the Po Valley and settled in various parts of Lombardy, in the valleys of the Alps and along the lakes.

Even the fortress of Bellagio was occupied. In King Liutprand settled there. With their arrival in Italy, the Franks of Charlemagne descended on Piedmont and Lombardy and, through the high Alps, defeated the Lombards in the battle of Pavia of The Lombard territory was divided into counties — thus the beginning of feudalism.

Bellagio found itself in the county of Milan under the suzerainty of the Frankish kings. The grandson of Charlemagne, Lothair , having deposed his father in , invested as feudal lords of the territory of Limonta and Civenna the monks of Saint Ambrose of Milan together with the territory of Campione d'Italia.

The inhabitants of these two places, which later belonged ecclesiastically to the parish of Bellagio St.

John , were obliged to hand over some of their produce olive oil, chestnuts There followed the rule of the Ottonian dynasty of Germany. During the reign of Henry V began a long war over the succession to the bishop of Como between Milan, supporting a bishop imposed by the German Emperor, and Como, which had already designated as bishop Guido Grimoldi, consecrated by the Pope.

The war lasted ten years — , with a series of small victories and defeats on land and water. Bellagio participated with its fleet as an ally of Milan, Isola Comacina and Gravedona.

The war ended with the destruction of Como and its subjection to Milan, from which it took decades to recover. It is thought that by Bellagio was already a free commune and seat of a tribunal and that its dependence on Como was merely formal.

However the strategic position of Bellagio was very important for the city of Como, and Bellagio had therefore to suffer more than one incursion from Como and fought numerous naval battles against its neighbour.

In , under Frederick Barbarossa , Bellagio was forced to swear loyalty and pay tribute to Como. In , after the destruction of Milan by Frederick Barbarossa , Como attacked Isola Comacina, devastating it and forcing the inhabitants to flee to Varenna and Bellagio, at that time considered impregnable fortresses.

The Lombard League was formed, in which Bellagio also participated as an ally of Milan, intervening in the Battle of Legnano against Barbarossa and Como.

Towards the end of the 13th century, Bellagio, which had participated in numerous wars on the side of the Ghibellines the pro-empire party , became part of the property of the House of Visconti and was integrated into the Duchy of Milan.

In , during the lordship of the Visconti , some Cernobbiesi attacked the prison of Bellagio in which the inmates were political prisoners.

Liberated, they took flight into mountains of Bellagio, settling in a town that took the name of Cernobbio in memory of the country of origin of their liberators.

With the death of Filippo Maria , the House of Visconti lost power. For a short time the area was transformed into the Ambrosian Republic —50 , until Milan capitulated to Francesco Sforza , who became Duke of Milan and Lombardy.

Bellagio, whose territory and especially the fortress was occupied by the troops of Sforza in during the war of succession, was one of the first towns on the lake to take sides and adhere to Sforza rule.

In , under Ludovico il Moro — , the estate of Bellagio was taken from the bishop of Como and assigned to the Marquis of Stanga, treasurer, ambassador and friend of il Moro.

Stanga built a new villa on Bellagio hill, later ruined in a raid by Cavargnoni. The so-called Derta steps that lead from the neighbourhood of Guggiate to that of Suira were built under the Spanish.

In , Francesco Sfondrati , married to a Visconti, had acquired the fiefdom of Bellagio and for more than years the Sfondrati family, from the highest rank of Milanese society, ruled Bellagio.

The ruins of the sumptuous Stanga building were restructured by Francesco and, successively, by Ercole Sfondrati, who spent the last years of his life in pious religious passion in the villa.

On the same peninsula he built the church and convent of the Capuchins , investing enormous capital in the setting, where appeared cypress trees and sweet olives.

Favoured by Bellagio's ideal position for transport and trade, various small industries flourished, most notably candle-making and silk weaving with its concomitant silk worms and mulberry trees.

During the brief Napoleonic period, the port of Bellagio assumed military and strategic importance. A decision, apparently of secondary importance, was to guide the destiny of Bellagio for the two succeeding two centuries: the decision of Count Francesco Melzi d'Eril, Duke of Lodi and Vice President of the Cisalpine Republic to establish here his summer home.

Count Melzi proceeded to build on the west bank near Loppia a magnificent villa. That brought to the area the flower of the Milanese nobility and the promontory was transformed into a most elegant and refined court.

Roads suitable for carriages were built, first of all to link the villas and the palaces and then towards the town centre; finally the provincial road Erba—Bellagio was completed.

The fame of the lakeside town became well known outside the borders of the Kingdom of Lombardy—Venetia : even the Emperor Francis I of Austria visited in and returned in to stay in the Villas Serbelloni, Trotti and Melzi.

The Romantic discovery of landscape was changing how the Italian lakes were seen. Stendhal had first visited in What can one say about Lake Maggiore, about the Borromean Islands, about Lake Como, unless it be that one pities those who are not madly in love with them … the sky is pure, the air mild, and one recognises the land beloved of the gods, the happy land that neither barbarous invasions nor civil discords could deprive of its heaven-sent blessings.

I isolate myself in a room on the second floor; there, I lift my gaze to the most beautiful view in the world, after the Gulf of Naples … [7].

D'Agoult's letters show they were sadly aware of drawing an age of motorised tourism in their train. In , Bellagio received with all honours the Emperor Ferdinand I , the Archduke Rainer and the Minister Metternich , who came from Varenna on the Lario , the first steamboat on the lake, launched in Bellagio was one of the localities most frequented by the Lombardy nobility and saw the construction of villas and gardens.

Luxury shops opened in the village and tourists crowded onto the lakeshore drive. Space was not sufficient and it was decided to cover the old port which came up as far as the arcade in order to construct a large square.

One could live and die here. The outlook seems designed as a balm to the eyes. Tourism in the Kingdom of Italy had now become the principal economic resource of the people of Bellagio and from this period on the history of Bellagio coincides with that of its hotels.

The first was the present Hotel Metropole, founded in from the transformation of the old hostelry of Abbondio Genazzini into the first real hotel on the Lario, the Hotel Genazzini.

Following this example in the space of a few years came several splendid hotels many of which are still operating, frequently in the hands of the same families who founded them: the Hotel Firenze, built on the old house of the captain of the Lario opened in ; the Grand Hotel Bellagio now the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni opened in In the three largest hotels Genazzini, Grande Bretagne and Grand Hotel Bellagio first replaced gaslight with electric, and only after this were they followed by many patrician houses.

Bellagio was one of the first Italian tourist resorts to become international, but it has never degenerated into a place of mass tourism.

The Futurist writer and poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti , a Mussolini loyalist who had helped shape Fascist philosophy, remained in the RSI as a propagandist until his death from a heart attack at Bellagio in December, The scene is on the Europa Promenade, between the pier and the then-functioning Hotel Grande Bretagne.

In , Bellagio merged with the town of Civenna : the new municipality retains the name of Bellagio. Along the banks of the promontory of Bellagio are many old patrician houses, each surrounded by parks and gardens of trees.

Just behind the hill of the promontory into the lake, protected from the winds, is the building complex of Villa Serbelloni.

The villa dominates the town's historic centre. It can be reached from Via Garibaldi. It was built in the fifteenth century in place of an old castle razed in Villa Serbelloni was later rebuilt several times.

In it came into the possession of Alessandro Serbelloni — who enriched it with precious decorations and works of art of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Today you can visit only the gardens. The trails, as well as the villa, lead to the remains of the 16th century Capuchin monastery and the Sfondrata, a residence built by the Sfondrati family indeed, overlooking the Lecco branch of the lake.

On the inside, elegant halls with vault and coffered ceilings follow one another accurately decorated in the style of the 17th and 18th centuries.

All around, the park develops along most of the promontory of Bellagio with vast tracts of thick woods where the Serbelloni gardeners had traced paths which nowadays still lead the way amongst the small clearings and English style gardens.

Occasionally, the vegetation thins out at panoramic points which overlook the two branches of the lake, offering a prospect from the slopes of the hill, where the rose bushes flower during the season with their varied colours.

The roughness of the rocky plane along the winding path which goes up to the villa has not stopped the construction of terraces and flower beds with yews and boxes trimmed geometrically.

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